• Reward your users with real products
  • Increase retention and engagement
  • Increase your users lifetime value
  • Super easy to integrate
  • Free to use for developers
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Get more out of your game

Pointvoucher Connect rewards users with voucher points for every second spent using your game. Points can be exchanged for real-life products in our marketplace.

It’s free to use and easy to integrate - just connect your game and let the automated reward triggers do their magic.

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    Reward users with real-life rewards for spending time playing games or using apps

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    Life time value

    Users who activate Connect have a much higher lifetime value than users who don't

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    Get access to new users through our ecosystem

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    Better monetization due to increased retention and engagement

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    Collect email permissions and reach your audience much cheaper

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    Free and easy implementation - get started today!

Who can use this?

Developers, publishers and brands providing an interactive application where time can be measured. Obviously it is interesting for games, but social media, streaming services, digital services, sports trackers, mobility apps, and more can also use it as a loyalty feature to retain more users.

  • 0%More sessions per user
  • 0%Longer sessions per user
  • 0%Longer total playtime per user
  • 0%More paying users
  • 0%Higher retention on day 1
  • 0%Higher retention on day 7
  • 0%Higher retention on day 14
  • 0%Higher retention on day 28

Easy and simple to integrate

Connect is super easy to implement and with only a few lines of code you are up and running. We currently support the following platforms and will be adding more soon.

How to connect your game

A marketplace with global potential

Get access to vouchers across markets. We work together with some of the biggest global platforms to provide unique offers to your users.

Get offers through these markets
  • Denmark

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Finland

  • Germany

  • England

  • Ireland

  • Scotland

  • Wales

  • United states

Connect is free to use if you go for the standard solution. Custom integrations are also available. Let’s chat if you have a specific request.

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